Riptide (4m)

It's Labor Day weekend and George and Nathan have just purchased their first home together, a house in Fire Island Pines. Their celebratory weekend is halted when George's ex-, the brilliant and handsome Daniel appears on the beach. Old wounds are opened and sexual boundaries are pushed to the limit as Bash, Daniel's new young love interest, shows up, challenging everyone to question their relationships, as well as their own definition of what love -- and commitment -- is.

Fire on Babylon (2m)*

Fire on Babylon tells the story of two New Yorkers each locked in personal crisis, while the city is having one of its own: the 2003 blackout. Reclusive novelist Hugo Thomas hasn’t written anything in years. After accepting an advance for a new book, he’s assigned a beguiling yet challenging young publishing intern to assist him at his downtown apartment. When Hugo's apartment is plunged into darkness, secrets are revealed and the two men launch into a psychosexual game of cat and mouse.

*Semi-finalist for The National Playwrights Conference
*Nominated for The Robert Chesley/Victor Bumbalo Foundation Playwriting Award
*Received a developmental reading at TACT, 2014
*Residency at The Great River Shakespeare Festival, 2016
*Workshop Production at Wild Project/All Out Arts, 2016
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Evening (4 m, 2 w)

It's 1832 in London. Arthur Brandon, an up and coming member of The House of Commons has been campaigning for major reform for corruption that had long prevailed through English government. At the start of his meteoric rise, however, ghosts from his past threaten to ruin everything.

Evening - Short Version (2m, 1w)*

On the cusp of political prominence in Victorian England, a young man's hopes are dashed by his former lover exposing their secret past.

*Finalist for Red Bull’s Short Play Festival, 2015 and 2016
*Received developmental reading at Playhouse on Park, 2015

Quiet Electricity (2w)*

Six months after tragedy has struck them, Jodie and Dana Silver, a once happily married couple, now have little to say to one another. When the electricity in their Hoboken apartment building is shut off in the evenings for a few days for rewiring, they end up spending their nights together in the dark. A simple game of confessions unearths truths and hidden feelings, leading Jodie and Dana to epiphanies about love, sex and marriage. 

*Received a developmental workshop at The Bridge Street Theatre, 2014
*Semi-finalist for The National Playwrights Conference

The Seagull (6m, 4w)*

This adaptation sets Chekhov's play in Connecticut in the summer of 1937, just before America joined World War II.

Classical TV
*Received a developmental reading at The Pearl Theatre Company, 2013
*Received a developmental reading at TheatreLab, 2013
*Received a developmental reading at TheatreLab, 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray (4m, 2w)*

In an era when social media, human transparency and blurring of sexual boundaries are ever-present, The Picture of Dorian Gray has prophetically become a thesis statement for a new generation. A pure soul ultimately destroyed by an obsession with self-image, Dorian Gray’s infatuating charms radically poison all of London by way of a Faustian pact to remain young and beautiful. Adapted from the Novel by Oscar Wilde.

*Received a developmental reading with Bedlam, 2014

*Received a showcase production at Sonnet Repertory Theatre, 2012
*Received a developmental workshop at TheatreLab, 2011
*Received a developmental reading at New World Stages/On the Square Productions, 2010